Money Hacks: A Financial Literacy Workshop Pilot!

Hi All,

Have you ever wondered how much money you would save by bringing your own lunch to work? Do you worry about paying back student loans on an entry-level salary? Then, lucky you! You’re invited to attend…

Money Hacks:  A Financial Literacy Workshop Pilot!

Take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate in creating new student programs! Work with a team of graduate students to develop a financial literacy training workshop!
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Who: All students from NYU and YOU!
What: A pilot workshop and feedback session on financial literacy
Also: Pizza
When: Wednesday, December, 2, 2015 6:30-8pm
Where: RH 203

Why: Because you want free pizza! ….. and because you want to learn more about your personal finances and making practical lifestyle choices to help accomplish long-term career goals…

RSVP HERE (so we know how much pizza to order)

Show N Tell with Jason Green

Hi All,

This week for the Show n Tell Speaker Series, we will have with us Jason Green, CEO + Co-founder at Edenworks, an agtech company recently hailed as “the future of food” by TechCrunch. Here is the article by TechCrunch.

Edenworks is focused on solving two problems: the poor taste and nutrition of conventionally grown produce and agriculture’s environmental impact. Edenworks cultivates gourmet produce and seafood using proprietary greenhouse technology that consumes 90% less water and energy than conventional farms. Edenworks supplies ingredients to some of the fastest growing retail food brands in New York City.

Join us and get inspired by the amazing futuristic methods that Edenworks is using to build actual ‘Greenhouses‘!!

Event details:

When: November 24, 2015 , 12.00 -12.45 PM

Where: Greenhouse Innovation Space,                                                                                     6 Metrotech Center,  Brooklyn NY 11201


We look forward to see you tomorrow.


Greenhouse Innovation Space Team

Waffles & Knowledge Fridays 5:00 — 7:00 PM


Come join an informal session created for you to collaborate and develop ideas.

The W&K Session promotes creativity and encourages students to look further into the future of their careers. You can set up with me any academic and/or research session you wish to do and enjoy waffles during the session. You can email me or find me in the Green House Innovation Space.

Everyone is invited to come!

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